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There are a variety of ways through which you MAY be able to reduce the negative effects of many criminal convictions, arrests, and juvenile adjudications. Among them are the remedy commonly referred to as expungement. Other remedies include the reduction of a felony to a misdemeanor, plea withdrawal, pardons, and the sealing of a juvenile record. Arrests can be remedied by way of the subsequent failure by authorities to pursue charges and the issuance of a "certificate of detention only" by the arresting agency. Additionally, some arrest records may be "sealed and destroyed" by way of a remedy known as a "finding of factual innocence". Each of these remedies function differently and may or may not apply to the conviction, arrest, or adjudication at hand, depending on timing and many other factors. Moreover, it is important to recognize that none of these remedies function like a "time machine" to enable you to go back in history and undo something which, fundamentally, cannot be undone. However, they can, in some circumstances, allow you to move ahead with your life (and career plans) without being unduly dragged down by one or more past events which damage your reputation. To find out more about what, if any, of these remedies you may be eligible for, you may contact us for a free initial consultation.


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