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Failure to act now will guarantee that you will be unable to get behind the wheel after your 30 day temporary driving privilege (the pink form) expires. Notifying the DMV of your desire to contest the legality of the suspension will extend the temporary license until the DMV has decided whether the suspension is lawful.

A skilled DUI defense lawyer can frequently beat the suspension at a hearing (even if the BAC is very high). The fact is, most police officers and health professionals who are involved with the collection and testing of blood and breath for alcohol are either poorly trained in this regard or choose not to apply their training in certain important respects.

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Whatever you do, don't try to judge what your chances of success are at a DMV hearing on a DUI-related suspension. You should talk with a lawyer who frequently represents people at DMV hearings, and wins, before the initial 10 days have lapsed.

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